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Cam is at once an artist, a technician and a strategist.

His beautiful work speaks for itself; but his vision comes from so much more than his considerable talent …

… Cam questions everything! He loves to get to know everyone he deals with on a project – sharing a joke, asking, listening and learning. That’s why his work demonstrates such a rare understanding of the subject and why it speaks so fluently to its target audience.
Cam’s Accomplishments:

• Master of the Photographic Arts
(Professional Photographers of Canada)
• Master Digital Artist
• Service of the Photographic Arts – awarded for service to the profession
(Professional Photographers of Canada)
• Saskatchewan Fellowship Award
(Professional Photographers of Saskatchewan)
• Photographer of the Year, 2006 and 2007
(Professional Photographers of Saskatchewan)
• Finalist for Commercial Photographer of the year 2009
Master of the Photographic Arts 1st Bar, 2nd Bar, 3rd Bar
(Professional Photographers of Canada)
• Awarded Top Industrial Photograph 2010
(Professional Photographers of Canada)
• Awarded Industrial Accredition 2011
(Professional Photographers of Canada)
• Choosen to Photograph Prince William & Kate
(In a private session on July 7, 2011)
• Elected President of PPOC-Alberta March 2012

Much as he has felt honoured to receive these accolades and awards, Cam feels that creating wonderful work for his clients is much more satisfying. In fact, he has never taken photographs specifically for a competition because he feels that his clients deserve his best work every time.

Cam is a leading member of Canada’s Art Community,

Cam is often called upon to teach classes and workshops, to artists and professional photographers, on subjects such as digital photography,Photoshop and Painter. and traditional painting with acrylics, oils.
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Linda is Artistry In Motion's studio manager and the lady who keeps everything running smoothly.

From the initial consultation right through to the end of a project, Linda takes the time to get to know every client and to provide the guidance and information they need to ensure the success of their project.

A fully qualified photographic retouching artist. Linda possesses great technical expertise as well as a dedication to excellent service. Her greatest joy is in seeing yet another client go away thrilled.

Linda does most of the production work in the studio, including surface protection, mounting and framing – and even in these days of digital technology she still does some custom retouching on individual prints.

Linda is well renowned for her expertise and she has taught many seminars in Canada and the U.S. for photography associations and groups.